Roger Hiorns - Ikon Gallery

Client: Ikon Gallery
Roger Hiorns Interview
Roger Hiorns

This film was commissioned by Ikon Gallery with Artist, Roger Hiorns, talking about the key themes and ideas behind his work. Produced for his exhibition at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (7 December 2016 - 5 March 2017).

The commission also included a new video work documenting Untitled (a retrospective view of the pathway), an off-site project produced by Ikon in June 2016. It features choristers of St Philip’s Cathedral Birmingham singing Evensong whilst lying on their backs on the floor of the nave, rather than standing to sing in stalls in front of the altar. A re-imagining of an ancient ritual, atomising a rigid formation, it exemplifies a restlessness with respect to a revered institution, part of an establishment that defines our society.