A Risk Worth Taking - The ERA Foundation

Client: The ERA Foundation
Title: A Risk Worth Taking

Production Company: Duck Rabbit
Director/Producer/Videographer: Benjamin Chesterton
Lighting Camera + Movi Operator:
Chris Keenan
Executive Producer: Peter Rudge

Commissioned as part of the Born to Engineer series of short films of inspiring engineering stories - www.borntoengineer.com.

Richard Browning grew up making model aeroplanes with his aeronautical engineer father. Inspired, he’s now taking flight engineering to the next level. Using the inherent capabilities of the human brain as a flight control computer, he’s designed and built the world’s most advanced body-controlled flight suit.

Richard is Born to Engineer. Originally an exploration geologist, Richard studied at Cardiff University before working as an oil trader for BP. Now he’s the founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries, taking human flight technology into a new era.