Kit List

Sony FX6
Sony A7sIII
Sony A7sII
Sony FS5

Lenses -  Sony Primes (E-Mount)
Sony G Master - 85mm F1.4

Lenses - Sony Zooms (E-Mount)
Sony G Master - 24mm - 70mm F2.8

Lenses - Zeiss Milvus Primes (EF-Mount)
Zeiss Milvus 50mm F1.4

Lenses - Canon Zooms (EF-Mount)
Canon L Series - 16-35mm F2.8
Canon L Series - 24-70mm F2.8
Canon L Series - 70-200mm F2.8 IS
Canon L Series - 24-105mm F4 IS

Lens Mount Adapters

Metabones EF-E Mount Speedbooster
Metabones EF-E Mount MK V


Miller Solo DS-20

Gimbals & Stabilisers
Freefly Systems Mōvi M5
Freefly Systems  Mōvi M15
Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Vest and Standard Arm
Flowcine Serene (inc. Serene extension arm) & Flowcine Puppeteer

Small HD 503 - Ultra Bright 5" Monitor
Atomos Ninja Flame - 7" 4K Monitor Recorder
Small HD DP7 - High Bright - 7" Monitor
Small HD 702 - High Bright - 7" Monitor

Wireless Video Transmitter
Hollyland Mars 300 - 1 x RX, 1xTX

LED Lighting

1 x Aputure 300D (5600K) (inc. soft box attachments - light dome and lantern)
1 x Cineo HS (5600K or 3200K)  (inc. large soft box attachment)
2 x Aladdin Bi-Flex 1x1 Panels (2900K - 6500K)
1 x F&V Ringlight - (3200K - 5600K)

2 x 150w Dedo Lights
1 x 300w Lowell Rifa Sofbox (with egg crate)
1 x 650w Lowell Rifa Softbox
2 x 300w Arri Fresnel
1 x 650w Arri Fresnel
1 x 1000w / 500w 30" Chimera - China Lantern

Lighting Grip
2 x C-Stands
1 x Manfrotto Boom Arm Lighting Stand
1 x Matthews Mini Max Stand - Boom Arm
1 x Matthews Maxine Stand - Boom Arm
6 x Lightweight Lighting Stands
4 x Sand Bags

Lighting Modifiers
2 x Foldable Reflectors (5in1)
1 x Westcott Fast Flag Kit

Sound Kit
Rode NTG3 - Directional Shotgun Microphone
Rode Boom Pole (inc. blimp, windshield and pistol grip with shock mount)
1 x 5m XLR Lead
2 x Extra Long XLR Leads