Chris Keenan operating Movi Pro Gimbal with Arri Alexa Mini on the short film Dog Run
Operating Movi Pro / ARRI Alexa Mini on "Dog Run" - Dir. Lorna Nickson Brown - Photo: Daniel Harry

I'm a freelance camera and Movi gimbal operator with over 10 years of experience. I specialise in capturing compelling visuals and bringing stories to life through my camera work. Whether it's documentaries, commercials, branded content, or narrative films, I'm dedicated to delivering high-quality footage that engages audiences.

My journey in the world of visual storytelling began during my school years, where my passion for photography and analog techniques took shape. Starting with shooting skateboard videos, I quickly realised the power of imagery to communicate stories and evoke emotions. Embracing technological advancements, I became an early adopter of the Movi gimbal, honing my skills and expertise with this innovative tool.

Having worked on projects both in the UK and internationally, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of clients and production teams. One significant collaboration that stands out is my work with Duck Rabbit, a renowned production company. Together, we have tackled sensitive projects aimed at making a positive impact in the world. From Norway to Uganda, Kenya to Haiti, I've operated cameras in challenging environments, showcasing my dedication and adaptability.

A key aspect of my work is my specialisation in using the Movi gimbal with Sony FX6 and Sony A7SIII cameras. These cutting-edge tools, combined with my technical expertise, allow me to capture smooth, cinematic shots that elevate any production. I also bring a wealth of experience working with other formats, such as 16mm, as demonstrated in the recent film "Dorothy Towers."

I take pride in my extensive equipment kit list, which includes various lighting and grip equipment, ensuring that I'm well-prepared for any shoot. This, coupled with my professionalism and ability to seamlessly integrate into diverse teams, makes me a reliable choice for production companies, independent producers, directors, artists, and creative organisations.

At the core of my approach is collaboration and storytelling. I believe that film has the power to effect change and connect people on a deeper level. I'm passionate about working alongside directors, directors of photography, and artists to bring their vision to life. I strive to create a positive and collaborative environment where ideas flourish, and together, we can craft captivating narratives.

If you're looking for a skilled camera and Movi gimbal operator, I'm here to bring your project to the next level. Let's collaborate and create something extraordinary. Get in touch today!

Chris Keenan operating Movi M15 gimbal during filming of ‘Movement Inspired’, Commonwealth Games 2022
Operating Movi M15 / Sony FX6 on ‘Movement Inspired’ - Part of Commonwealth Games 2022 - dir: Sam Lockyer